How big is Sardinia?

It happens all the time, you want to book a trip to Sardinia and then you realize it has three airport and you ask yourself “how big is Sardinia?
The answer is Sardinia is very big!
We know that sometimes people think that Sardinia is an island of the Mediterranean sea and immediately they imagine it like a small island with beautiful beaches and that’s it…

But let’s be more specific about it: from the north of Sardinia to the south of it, this beautiful island is long 270 km (more o less 168 miles).

While from the west of Sardinia to the east there are 145 km (90 miles).
Let’s do some comparison, just to make you understand how big is Sardinia, to make it more real.
270 km is more o less the same distance that there is from New York to Pennsylvania or from London to Liverpool.
But there is something that you definitely need to take into consideration and it’s the fact that in Sardinia there are not highways.
Yes, I’m sorry, but that’s exactly like it is…
The road that goes from North to South it’s called 131 road and the speed limit can go from 70 to 110 km/h, it depends on the stretches of the road.
If you don’t prefer to move with a car, you can use the train, there are five trains that bring you from the south to the north, but they don’t go to the east part of Sardinia. (we are going to be more specific about how to move in Sardinia in another post very soon!)
So, now you know how big is Sardinia, therefore, either you stay in Sardinia, at least ten days, so that you can move around the island and actually enjoy it, or is better you stay on the south part of it, where you have to chance to see everything you need to see!
If you already knows what you want to see you can choose from our tours!