The Island of Sant’Antioco told by The Good Air of Genna Tours

Have you ever visited theIsland of Sant’Antioco?

If you haven’t, this video is for you … because thanks to the writer Pierluigia Troncia we will go and discover the most interesting places, those that have something to tell us because they have a past full of history, such as Is Gruttas, the famous punic tombs later transformed into houses.

Or those that help our imagination to travel, such as the menhirs Su Para and Sa Mongia, which in fact inspired a beautiful story to our writer in her book (written together with M. E. Matta) Isola di Sant’Antioco. A place without stories does not exist.

Or even places that help our mind to relax, to prepare for what will come like the beautiful walk along the lagoon, which divides the island of Sant’Antioco from its mother island, Sardinia.

So come with us from Genna Tours and together with Pierluigia Troncia for this virtual walk and we are sure you will want to return to the island of Sant’Antioco!

Enjoy the show!