Visit to the House of the Fairies, the Domus de Janas


Sardinia is a magical place for many reasons. One of these is the presence of the Domus de Janas, that in sardinian language means fairy houses. In reality they are prehistoric tombs carved into the rock and for a long time they have given origin to extraordinary tales and superstition.
  • See 5000 years old carvings on the rock
  • Learn about the history of Sardinia and its tradition
  • Enjoy being inside a small group of people
Very close to Cagliari, between orchards, vineyards and fertile hills, we find Pimentel, a small town and agricultural center. Close to this town, in a beautiful landscape, in a flat area we find the Domus de Janas of Corongiu and the necropolis called De S'acqua Salida, dating back to 3200 BC.Still well preserved, they are a beautiful example of Pre-Nuragic architecture. In particular, the small but very important Domus of Corongiu still has spiral-shaped engravings that would represent the goddess of the eyes who protected the dead. But many other interpretations and interesting discoveries preserve the Domus de Janas of Pimentel that you can discover with our fascinating tour.


pick up and drop off available on request in the center of Cagliari

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Viale Cristoforo Colombo, 60, Cagliari, Metropolitan City of Cagliari, Italy

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